Through my Lens

Welcome to my website, Images by Ross Dickinson. The “Through my Lens” perspectives are a compilation of my life’s experiences. The web site grew out of my love for photography, the outdoors and my love of technology. I grew up in Oregon with a family that spent much time enjoying the outdoors: fishing, hunting, mushrooming. I bought my first SLR camera at 18, but soon discovered the film photography habit was too expensive so I set it aside. Fast forward to 1999 when I bought my first digital point and shoot, a Nikon Coolpix 950. Wow, what a feeling…shoot pictures all day, no development costs. As I continued to shoot, I saw wonderful images and their memories starting to populate my walls (I have a friend with framing shop). I soon had my first digital SLR…a Nikon D70 followed by a D200. I now shoot with a D300 and a D800. The technology is remarkable!

Please spend some time poking “Through my Lens” and enjoy. I recently retired to a busy life of fishing, photography and band trips with The Beat Goes On Marching Band (TBGO). I was not musical in my youth, but my wife was, so I have the joys of traveling with the band and taking pictures and video. I’m so blessed.

Tray 01

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